Flexo Inks

DIC/Sun Chemical is a global leader in flexographic inks and solutions.

About Flexo Inks

Flexographic inks can be classified into three major types: solvent flexographic inks mainly printed on film, waterbased flexographic inks printed on paper for corrugated board and paper containers, UV flexographic inks used for label application in narrow web printing. The use of photopolymer plates provides advantages such as, print stability and color reproduction on a wide range of substrates such as paper, film and cloth. Through the development of high-definition (HD) printing, print quality has been significantly improved.

In addition, the switch to waterbased ink or solvent-free ink (EB / UV) can be done to meet environmental requirements.

DIC’s Advantages

Sun Chemical is a global leader in the technology and experience of flexographic printing, which is the common printing process in many European countries and the US. DIC has heavily invested to extend this technology through Asia to support and meet the needs of our customers through our extensive product portfolio and experienced customer technical service team.

Major Applications

  • Flexible packaging
  • Paper container / Corrugated board
  • Label

DIC's Flexo Inks