Packaging Adhesives

DIC has experienced many years of research, development and supply for adhesives and seal coatings. We have been operating adhesives and seal coatings business with our affiliate company in Japan, North & South America, Europe and Asia.

About Packaging Adhesives

Packaging adhesives are widely used for foods, beverages and commodities packaging.

We have product portfolio for a variety of use application, ex. chemical resistance etc. by Solvent-based, Solvent-free (Solvent-less), polyester type and polyether type adhesives.

DIC’s Advantages

  • A variety of product portfolio suitable for customer demands such as various contents in package, use applications, product processes and quality stability
  • High technical capabilities and reliability based on years of our activities as an integrated chemical company
  • Product portfolio for quality of products, safety & hygiene and country-specific regulations related to adhesives

Major Applications

Packaging for foods, beverages, pet foods, medical products and commodities

DIC's Packaging Adhesives