About SunColor Box 

SunColorBox is an innovative toolkit designed to empower printers and converters in effectively managing brand colors. With a comprehensive range of applications and services, SunColorBox ensures consistent and accurate digital color communication across the entire packaging supply chain. Seamlessly integrate these optimized digital processes into your workflow to achieve reliable brand color reproduction. 

Since 2014, Sun Chemical has successfully implemented the SunColorBox solution worldwide, catering to diverse printing technologies such as flexo, gravure, and offset. Our proven track record demonstrates significant savings for our customers: 

  • Save up to 25%-30% in press make-ready time, optimizing your production workflow.
  • Achieve a remarkable 10%-40% reduction in press-related rework, ensuring right-first-time output. 
  • Benefit from a substantial 20%-70% reduction in ink returns usage, optimizing your resources. 
  • Minimize substrate waste by 30%-40%, contributing to a greener and more sustainable operation. 
  • Streamline your color palette with a notable 30%-80% reduction, simplifying color management.

With a global network of over 300 highly trained SunColorBox Specialists, we are dedicated to assisting brands in achieving unmatched color consistency across various substrates.

Benefits of Using SunColor Box 

SunColorBox offers a comprehensive set of tools to effectively manage and maintain color consistency for spot color, CMYK, or extended color gamut printing. Tailor your color management approach to your business’s unique needs, selecting the most suitable services and solutions. 

Ensuring consistent color representation across all product variations, packaging designs, and sales channels is paramount. Below are some applications within this tool to support your business needs: 

Graphic about SunColorBox Different Applications
SunColor Box Applications

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