Celebrating Siam Chemical Industry’s 50th Anniversary


March 5, 2024, marked a significant milestone for Siam Chemical Industry Co., Ltd. as it celebrated its 50th anniversary. The occasion was commemorated with an internal celebration, bringing together both current and retired employees for a day full of festivities. Traditional company merit-making (according to Buddhist traditions), educational support initiatives for local schools, and guided tours for retired employees were among the highlights of the day. Additionally, current employees came together to paint the recreational building, fostering a sense of unity and camaraderie.  

Continuing the jubilant spirit, on March 8, 2024, Siam Chemical Industry extended its celebration to include business partners, with many former Japanese executives in attendance.  

During the event, Mr. Yoshihiro Takizawa, President of Siam Chemical Industry Co., Ltd., expressed gratitude to all employees, both current and retired employees, for their dedication and hard work which has been instrumental in the company’s success over the past five decades. He also thanked longstanding business partners for their support: 

“I want to express my gratitude to our long-standing business partners for their steadfast support. Our commitment remains firm: to develop top-notch products and services, foster innovation, and enhance customer satisfaction. As part of our short-term goals, we’re prioritizing the reinforcement of acrylic resin and water-based urethane resin production, alongside expanding our manufacturing capacity. Furthermore, we’re investing in environmental equipment to reduce our carbon footprint and aim to lead initiatives that will benefit everyone and the environment.” – Mr. Yoshihiro Takizawa, President of Siam Chemical Industry 

Mr. Yoshihiro Takizawa, President of Siam Chemical Industry (middle of the photo) shares his sentiments

Mr. Takizawa also shared important news regarding Siam Chemical Industry’s evolution in line with DIC’s future innovation strategy. As a subsidiary of Japan’s DIC Corporation, Siam Chemical Industry conducts business globally, engaging with companies across different regions and countries. To enhance the visibility and coherence of the DIC brand, Siam Chemical Industry will undergo a name change, transitioning to DIC Siam Chemical Industry Company Limited. This initiative is set to take effect in January 2025. 

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