DIC APAC’s dedication to Community and Environmental Sustainability: Featuring PT. DAC, DICGTH, and DIC IDEAL


Taking care of local communities goes beyond legal obligations and involves active engagement of communities through initiatives such as education and infrastructure development. When a business prioritizes both environmental compliance and community welfare, they can foster lasting sustainable development. DIC’s dedication to this cause is showcased through the proactive initiatives carried out by DIC’s various entities, demonstrating a steadfast commitment towards local communities, while encouraging a sense of collective responsibility.  

PT. DIC Astra Chemicals

1 Donation of an Organic Waste Shredding Machine: 

On the 1st of March 2024, DIC Astra Chemicals, collectively with Astra Otoparts Bogor regional group, donated an organic waste shredding machine to the residents of Kampung Berseri Asri Duta Mekar Asri, Cileungsi to advance their mission of environmental sustainability and protection. 

2 Iftar and Donations to Orphans: 

In the Holy month of Ramadan on March 28th, 2024, DIC Astra Chemicals hosted an Iftar gathering and donation drive. 

This event was attended by the Board of Directors and aimed to strengthen the bond between employees and the community. Donations were distributed to 20 orphans residing near DIC Astra Chemicals. 

DICG Thailand 

Supporting an Enriching Environment at Wat Ban Kao School through CSR: 

On the 5th of April 2024, DIC Thailand organized a series of initiatives aimed to support the educational and recreational development of the students at the Wat Ban Kao School, with a focus on sustainability.

Pole covers and playground renovations.

These activities included distributing educational materials to both teachers and students, conducting hygiene and sanitation awareness sessions – which emphasized waste segregation, repairing the school playground and cementing the floor, and installing pole covers to mitigate potential risks. The overarching goal of these activities was not only to cultivate a secure and enriching learning environment but also instill a sense of social responsibility among the students.  

DIC Ideal Chemi Plast Private Limited 

From May 2023 to April 2024, DIC Ideal Chemical Plastics Private Limited implemented a series of Corporate Environmental Responsibility initiatives in alignment with their EC compliance policy at the Supa factory. These efforts included donating an Amenity Block for school children, implementing an advanced computer learning system for schools in rural areas, and installing solar lights in remote places within rural areas.

1 Donation of Amenity Block for School Children at Village

Amenity Block

On 14th May 2023, DIC Ideal Chemi Plast, donated an amenity block comprising of washroom facilities to a Government Primary school in Aapdhup village. This will serve the wider community, thus benefiting school going children.

Inauguration was conducted by Mr. Kurei along with Mr. Ikeda and Mr. Tsuboi with the local government representative and DIC Ideal Chemi Plast Private Limited, Supa.

2 Inauguration of Advanced Computer Learning Setup 

Advanced computer learning set up

With a commitment to enhancing educational opportunities for students in rural villages, DIC Ideal Chemi Plast set up an advanced computer learning center in Secondary High School Hiware Bazar. This initiative aims to empower students with computer literacy and other necessary skills required for participation in competitive exams. The inauguration of this set up took place on 17th October 2023. 

3 Donation of Solar Lights

Solar lights installed in various areas.

Commencing from 4th December 2023, DIC Ideal Chemi Plast initiated the distribution of solar lights to Aapdhup village, focusing on remote locations where villagers reside on farms. These areas face significant fluctuations in electricity, making solar lights a sustainable solution for the needs of villagers.

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