DIC New Zealand: Celebrating Excellence in Print


On Friday 23rd June, organizations from the country’s print industry gathered to honor and celebrate the outstanding achievements in print communication. The occasion marked the 30th anniversary of the prestigious Pride in Print Awards, a milestone made possible in part by the steadfast support of DIC New Zealand, a long-time sponsor of this esteemed event. 

Fostering a Culture of Excellence 

Established in 1993, the Pride in Print Awards were conceived with the primary objective of promoting excellence in the New Zealand print industry. Over the years, these awards have become a symbol of recognition and appreciation for exceptional visual print communication products. They embody a culture of excellence that strives to surpass customer expectations and continually push the boundaries of creativity. 

Criterion & Obtaining the Award 

The judging process, an integral part of the Pride in Print Awards, encompasses meticulous evaluation by expert panels across various sectors of the industry. Every entry undergoes examination for technical excellence, encompassing all aspects of the production process, typography, and design. This allows specialists to gauge the potential and limitations of different processes, materials, and equipment utilized in the production of print materials. 

Beyond celebrating excellence in print, the awards night also recognizes businesses that are spearheading the future of the industry through the prestigious Business Awards. These awards are presented in three categories: Sustainability, Wellness, and Innovation. Each category represents essential factors that contribute to the success of a business and the evolution of the print industry. By acknowledging these aspects, the Pride in Print Awards ensure that print continues to tell a compelling story and stays at the forefront of innovation. 

DIC New Zealand takes immense pride in being a major sponsor of the Awards night. Notable winners and customers of DICNZ were Sealed Air Hamilton, Gravure, Amcor Chch, Kiwi Labels, and Allied Press. 

Featuring David Wright, Fatu Natiso and Shaun Ram (from left to right)

More to Come from DIC New Zealand 

As DIC New Zealand continues to support the print industry’s advancement, they reaffirm their dedication to fostering a culture of excellence and innovation. The Pride in Print Awards not only honor exceptional work but also serve as an inspiration for the industry to continue pushing boundaries and reaching new heights. DIC New Zealand is proud to be part of this remarkable event, as they firmly believe in the power of recognizing and celebrating excellence in print. 


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