DICG Inauguration of Steam Boiler Natural Gas: Paving the Way in CO2 Emission Reductions


The recent inauguration of a natural gas steam boiler at the Karawang Plant – Pigment Division, marks a major milestone in their commitment to achieving zero emissions. With a strong focus on environmental responsibility, PT DICG Graphics conducted a thorough feasibility study to explore opportunities for reducing fossil fuel consumption. As a result, they made the strategic decision to transition from coal to natural gas as the energy source for their steam boiler machine. This ambitious project commenced in January 2022 and was successfully completed in March 2023 – and was inaugurated on 27 June 2023.

Advantages of The New Steam Boiler 

Following the meticulous Pre-Safety Startup Review (PSSR) in March 2023, the natural gas steam boiler became fully operational. The impact of this initiative has been remarkable, resulting in a reduction of over 50% in CO2 emissions compared to the levels observed in 2022. Apart from the significant environmental benefits, the installation of the natural gas steam boiler offers several operational advantages:

  • Exceptional boiler efficiency of over 93%
  • Minimal environmental pollution
  • Slim and compact design,
  • Simplified status checking and operation,
  • Enhanced safety features, and consistent performance with rapid steam pressure response.


Overwhelming Support from DIC Team & Japan 

This project received substantial financial support from the Ministry of the Environment in Japan. The subsidy, aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions in developing countries, aligns with Japan’s greenhouse gas reduction targets under the Joint Crediting Mechanism (JCM). The estimated subsidy amount is approximately 50 million JPY, further highlighting the significance of this endeavor.

The successful implementation of this program is a testament to the dedication and expertise of key individuals within PT DIC Graphics. Mr. Daisuke Sakamoto, Plant Manager of PT DICG Karawang, and Mr. Harwi, Manager Process Engineer of PT DICG Karawang, played pivotal roles in leading the project with the guidance of Mr. Jusuf Kristanto, the current AP Regional Head of Sales and Marketing, and the support of Ms. Riana Husen, President Director of PT DICG, and Mr. Sigihanto Marsono, Operations General Manager of PT DICG Karawang.

“This strategic investment marks just the beginning of our Karawang plant’s ambitious journey towards substantial CO2 emission reduction. As the Project Leader of the Boiler Steam Natural Gas initiative at PT DICG Karawang, I firmly believe that together, as a united team, we have the power to drive meaningful change. Our collective dedication and hard work will propel us forward as we advance our comprehensive plan to significantly reduce CO2 emissions.” – Mr. Daisuke Sakamoto, Project Leader of Boiler Steam Natural Gas PT DICG Karawang.

To commemorate this significant achievement, a grand inauguration ceremony was held on June 27th, 2023. During her address, Ms. Riana Husen, President Director of PT DICG, emphasized the company’s unwavering commitment to reducing CO2 emissions in line with the DIC 2030 vision. PT DIC Graphics Karawang aims to achieve a remarkable 50% reduction in CO2 emissions from the 2013 baseline.

“My heartfelt gratitude goes out to the dedicated suppliers, contractors, and the exceptional team at DIC Karawang, who have made this pivotal Steam Boiler project a reality. Special thanks to Sakamoto-san as the Project Leader who was supported by  Mr. Harwi for their invaluable contributions. As we set our sights on DIC Corporation’s ambitious sustainability targets, aiming to slash CO2 emissions by 50% in 2030 and achieve net zero emissions by 2050, DIC Karawang proudly stands as a contributor to this transformative vision. Despite the challenges we face in the current business landscape, we are determined to gradually transition from coal to LNG for our steam boiler, aligning with the broader direction of DICHQ. I am confident that DIC Karawang will continue to contribute in propelling our organization’s sustainability program towards a greener, more resilient future.”– Ms. Riana Husen, President Director of PT DIC Graphics.

What’s Next? 

This serves as an inspiration to other industry players to embrace innovative solutions for a greener future. PT DICG looks forward to continued collaboration in driving sustainability and environmental stewardship across the region.

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