DICG Thailand Empowers Printing Industry Professionals with Color Management Training


DICG Thailand had the honor of being invited as a Speaker to a Color Management Training Session held at KMUTT University, one of the leading universities in Thailand – in the printing industry/faculty. The event was held on 7th and 8th June to provide hands -on training to printing industry professionals.

Invited by a Trusted Partner, Xrite Asia 

This event was organized by Xrite Asia, a prominent supplier of spectrophotometers worldwide. Alongside DICG, other prominent companies such as Xrite Asia, PMC Label, BJC, and IGT, were also invited as speakers, adding depth and expertise to the training sessions.

Image samples of spectrophotometers made by Xrite Asia
Images of Spectrophotometers (Image Credit: Xrite Asia)

DICG sees this collaboration as a stepping stone for more event collaborations in the future.

Notable Training Highlights 

DICG Thailand’s primary goal is to provide ongoing education and increase awareness regarding their proficiency in color management. Ms. Nongnuch Chewajitworakul was happy to share her expertise during the training, having worked with DIC for over 18 years – being in charge as a Deputy Technical Manager for the past 3 years.

As such, the aim of the training was to share her knowledge and establish creditability with the participants and attendees of the event. Throughout her presentation, she shared about ways to use ink efficiently, its various applications and best practices, and how to ensure high-quality printing.

Picture of Ms. Nongnuch Chewajitworakul, Deputy Technical Manager, presenting
Ms. Nongnuch Chewajitworakul, Deputy Technical Manager

Attendees were given training with the following agenda across two days:

Training Agenda for Ink Formulation Training
Training Agenda

After which, attendees were invited to partake in hands-on training & workshop to apply what they have learned:

Ink Formulation Training Pictures & Activities

Fostering Connections with New & Existing Prospects 

The participants of the event comprised professionals from the printing industry, including several of DICG’s valued customers. DICG was thrilled with the opportunity to engage with existing customers, explore new potential prospects, and equip the next generation with up-to-date printing best practices.

Feedback from one of the attendees stood out as particularly positive, as they found the training to be immensely useful and beneficial in enhancing their color management efficiency.

Cheers to More Opportunities to Share About DIC’s Vision 

DICG firmly believes that empowering the printing industry with cutting-edge knowledge and techniques enhances overall efficiency, productivity, and product quality.

By fostering a collaborative learning environment and sharing best practices, DICG Thailand is actively contributing to raising the industry’s standards, encouraging innovation, and fostering strong partnerships with customers and collaborators alike. With a shared vision for a sustainable and progressive future, DICG Thailand looks forward to more collaborative endeavors and the prospect of creating lasting impacts on the printing industry.

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