Empowering Employees in DIC APAC: Featuring PT Pardic Jaya Chemicals, DIC Compounds Malaysia and DIC Graphics Thailand


A company would not remain standing without the backing of its employees. DIC values employees and looks to empowering everyone to perform their utmost best in their work activities. As such, it is integral for employees to nurture their skills and undergo training to improve soft and hard skills. Likewise, it is also important for companies to inculcate a culture of recognizing employee achievements. Below are some activities that occurred towards the end of 2023. 

1) Recognizing Employee Achievements: PT Pardic Jaya Chemicals (PJC) Celebrates Their 46th Anniversary 

On Thursday, 2 November 2023, all employees, and management of PT Pardic Jaya Chemicals gathered for a ceremony to commemorate its 46th anniversary. 

Speech by Mr. Minoru Hara

The ceremony began with remarks from the President Director of PT Pardic Jaya Chemicals, Mr. Minoru Hara: 

“I want to express my gratitude to the hardworking employees of PT Pardic Jaya Chemicals, whose dedication has contributed to the company’s 46-year journey. My hope is for the company to keep flourishing, and I encourage all of us to work diligently in upholding the legacy left by our predecessors. To ensure continued success, we must prioritize three crucial pillars: 1. Compliance; 2. Safety; 3. Human Assets. It is essential to maintain and further develop these aspects for the prosperity of our company.” 

Speech by Mr Hari Priyadi

Mr Hari Priyadi, Labor Union Chairman shared well-wishes and greetings: 

“We are extremely thankful for PT Pardic Jaya Chemicals capabilities to flourish and provide prosperity for its employees and their families. We believe PT Pardic Jaya Chemicals will continue to expand and thrive for a very long period to continue positively influencing both local and global industries.”  

Mr. Vembra Anandita announcing employee awards

Mr. Vembra Anandita, Assistant HR Manager, proceeded to announce and distribute awards to employees in various categories, including exemplary employees, disciplined employees, hazard discoverer employee, and long servicing employees who have served for 5, 10, 25, and 30 years.  

The ceremony concluded with a joint prayer led by Muhammad Syahrir Ridhwan, followed by a group photo.
Pardic Jaya Chemicals Team Photo
The event reached conclusion after the “Potong Tumpeng” ritual – led by President Director Mr. Minoru Hara & Labor Union Chairman Mr. Hari Priyadi.   

(Note: Nasi Tumpeng is a symbolic account of a traditional ritual feasts, which symbolizes joy and gratitude) 

2) Exploring Manufacturing Excellence: DIC Compounds Malaysia’s Discovery Trip to DELL 

DIC Compounds Malaysia (DCM) recently visited DELL’s manufacturing facility and gained key insights into their streamlined operations. The presentation covered crucial aspects like DELL’s global manufacturing reach, APCC-2 Manufacturing & Operations, and specifics of production processes, such as Rack Integration. 

One standout aspect was DELL’s emphasis on staff development including “TELL DELL” allowing employees to channel feedback and ideas and foster a culture of open communication. Furthermore, the company has a unique mechanism to convert staff improvements or savings into actual spending budgets, which are then used to reward employees.

On the operational front, DELL showcased an effective 5S system, maintaining a comfortable working environment. Real-time displays for temperature, CO2, and dust levels highlighted their safety and environmental control efforts. 

In warehouse management, DELL stood out with well-planned loading bays, avoiding sunlight exposure and air contamination. The expansive premises with ample parking signified DELL’s growth vision. 

However, no system is without areas for improvement, like the need to focus on safety measures like reducing forklift speed and enhancing signage. Considering the sensitivity of DELL’s products, alternative methods to water sprinklers were suggested. 

Mr. Takehiko Nakamura shares token of appreciation with DELL representative

In conclusion, the observation at DELL’s manufacturing facility was a valuable experience, offering DCM insights into industry best practices and areas where collaborative growth can occur. The visit showcased DELL’s operational excellence and sparked constructive discussions on potential enhancements in safety and efficiency. 

3) Imparting Knowledge & Expertise: DIC Graphics (Thailand) Drives Industry Dialogue on Future of Printing at Rajamangala University Event 

In a strategic move to expand its customer base and explore market growth opportunities in the Printing Ink and Packaging Industry, DIC Graphics (Thailand) – the Offset team actively engaged in the discourse on ”Previous and Next steps towards Printing for the Future”. The event, hosted by the Printmaking Alumni Association, unfolded at Rajamangala University of Technology Krungthep. 

With an overwhelming attendance of around 200 participants, including customers and students, the weekend event provided an ideal platform for DIC Graphics (Thailand) to share insights and perspectives. The topic, focusing on the trajectory of printing in the future, resonated well with the industry’s current dynamics. 

The participation of DIC Graphics (Thailand) garnered significant attention and interest from attendees, reinforcing its commitment to staying at the forefront of industry discussions. These strategic engagements align with DIC Graphics’ vision to actively contribute to shaping the future landscape of the Printing Ink and Packaging sector. 

The activities reflect DIC’s dedication to recognizing and enhancing the capabilities of its employees while actively engaging in industry dialogues for continuous growth and innovation. 

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