Kaizen in Action: PT DIC Graphics Indonesia’s Commitment to Continuous Improvement


On December 2023, PT DIC Graphics hosted the KAIZEN: QCC Convention Session 2, welcoming participants from the Printing Ink & Pigment divisions across three plants (Jakarta, Mojokerto, Karawang), as well as our Implant team. A total of 21 Quality Control Circle (QCC) participants showcased improvement themes centered on 5S* & 8 Waste Elimination. Below is the combined count of participants from the Printing Ink, Pigment, and Implant divisions.

*5S refers to a method for workplace organization which uses a list of five Japanese word (Seiri=Sort, Seiton=Set in order, Seiso=Shine, Seiketsu=Standardize, Shitsuke=Sustain). Integrating the 5S methodology enables organizations to foster a work environment that is structured, streamlined, and conducive to enhanced productivity and efficiency.

What does Kaizen mean to PT DIC Graphics Indonesia? 

Kaizen is a Japanese term that translates to “continuous improvement” or “change for the better.”  

Within the company, Kaizen signifies a commitment to ongoing enhancement in processes, products, and services where “Improvement starts with I (me)”. By instilling a culture of continuous improvement, DIC Graphics Indonesia encourages all employees to actively engage in identifying opportunities for enhancement and implementing solutions to boost efficiency, quality, and productivity. This approach fosters innovation, teamwork, and sustainable growth throughout the organization. 

Speech by Ms. Riana Husen, President Director PT. DIC Graphics

Driving Improvements & Changes to Keep Up with Competitive Landscape 

Ms. Riana Husen, President Director of PT DIC Graphics, extended her gratitude to all employees for their proactive involvement in driving enhancements through QCC, fostering a culture of continuous improvement to elevate the company’s performance. She emphasized that Kaizen is integral to DIC, both locally and within the DIC Group. In today’s increasingly competitive landscape, companies capable of eliminating waste, cutting costs, and steadfastly adhering to 5S principles are positioned to thrive in the market. 

Learning from One Another with Friendly Competition – Onward to Further Improvements 

During QCC Convention Session 2, the top themes from the Printing Ink & Pigment divisions across the three plants were pitted against each other, with the aim of spreading the implemented improvements to other facilities – by learning from one another. During which, an assessment form is utilized to evaluate participants. Additionally, a panel of judges is appointed from managerial positions to impartially evaluate all QCC teams. The ultimate winner is determined based on the highest cumulative score awarded by the judges. 

The winner of QCC Convention Session 2 Y-2023 was QCC Team RD 1_99 from Plant Karawang, whose theme focused on “Improvement is about Blue 5050NE.” This theme focuses on Product Quality Improvement by addressing issues related to color discrepancies that do not meet specifications which has resulted in significant delays (e.g. 10x) in delivery. The team has proactively worked on resolving these challenges through improvement initiatives. 

Congratulations to the winners, and may they keep generating new ideas for improvement. 

Jakarta Plant Reward Announcement
Karawang Plant Reward Announcement
Mojokerto Plant Reward Announcement


QCC Convention Session 2 Y-2023 Printing Ink & Pigment


QCC Convention Session Inplant Y-2023

KAIZEN QCC Online System Implementation 

In July 2023, we carried out training and started the implementation of Online QCC System with the aim that employees can easily submit their improvement ideas through the online system.  

Every employee can see the progress of the improvement project from each group starting from determining the theme, determining targets, analyzing existing conditions, cause and effect analysis, plan, do, check & action. 

QCC Online Campaign & System
QCC Training & Socialization at JKT Plant
QCC Training & Socialization at KRW Plant

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