DIC Compounds Malaysia Celebrates Official Energization of Solar PV System


On January 17, 2024, DIC Compounds Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. marked a significant milestone with the official energization of its 540.1Kwp Solar PV System. 

After six months of construction, Mr. Takehiko Nakamura and his successor Mr. Kazuyo Soga, graced the ceremony with a ribbon-cutting event for the commencement of renewable energy production.

Mr. Takehiko Nakamura (on the left) and Mr. Kazuyo Soga (on the right) Ribbon Cutting

Amidst a sunny and windy morning, DCM’s top management, safety representatives, energy committee members, and Equipment & Engineering Department gathered atop the factory building to witness this historic moment.

Following the ribbon-cutting, the ceremony transitioned to the conference room, where Mr. Nakamura passed the torch to Mr. Soga, symbolizing DCM’s commitment to the DIC NET ZERO 2050 initiative.

Mr. Kazuyo Soga (on the left) and Mr. Takehiko Nakamura (on the right) receiving the Green Energy Partnership (GEP) Certificate

Concurrently, DCM received official approval from the Malaysian Energy Commission for a license to operate the Solar PV System under the Self-Consumption (SELCO) scheme. With renewable energy production that began by the end of January 2024, DCM moves closer to its sustainability goals while embracing the power of solar energy.

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