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Our present-day company in Australia and New Zealand (NZ) has several different parental origins.

The main graphics products part of the company comes originally from the English company Coates Brothers, formed in the UK in 1877.  In the late 80’s, this company, by now public, merged with the French company Lorilleux (also started in the late 1800’s), and was purchased by the French oil company Total. In 2000, Total sold this business to Sun Chemical, a 100% owned subsidiary of DIC, the largest ink company in the world. Coates New Zealand was founded in 1948, and Coates Australia in 1949, and the names were changed from Coates to DIC Graphics in 2004.

In Australasia DIC already owned two other companies – DIC Colortron, a sheetfed – specific ink company started in 1984 (and purchased by DIC in 1999), and DIC International – a trading company that operated in NZ and Australia and primarily sells DIC and non-DIC products into the coatings industry.

On the 1st of January 2007, all DIC subsidiaries in Australasia have been brought together as DIC Australia Pty Limited and DIC New Zealand Limited.

DIC Australia and New Zealand, have a truly global network covering market trends, product development, and service-related initiatives. We actively participate in intercompany knowledge transfer and industry associations to retain our industry position as a driver of technology.

DIC ANZ proudly holds certifications that include ISO 45001:2018 and ISO 9001:2015, reflecting our commitment to superior standards and operational excellence.

Today, DICANZ employs 90 local staff across Australia and New Zealand


  • Offset Inks (Sheetfed) – SYNER-G, EXACT PSO, LEGEND & SOLARSET (UV)
  • Offset Inks (Heatset) – SUNFASHION
  • News Ink – SUNNEWS
  • Adhesives – DICDRY
  • Flexographic Inks (WaterBased) – CORROFLEX, AWA & AHB (ACCUBATCH) & NEPTUNE
  • Flexographic Inks (UV) – SOLARFLEX & RAYOFLEX


Prioritizing safety as a core value, DIC ANZ took attendance and organized a highly successful Safety Day event that united employees and management in their commitment to upholding a secure work environment – joined by esteemed leaders and team members. Some activities that were done to instil Safety culture was hosting awards ceremony for safety champions & idols and holding a poster competition during Safety Month in DIC.

Establishing proactive safety measures beyond Safety Day is something that DIC ANZ continues to work towards.


DIC ANZ is committed to the concept of sustainable development in all business aspects that contribute to the global environment, including biodiversity, by creating environmentally sound products and technologies.

Constantly aware of the responsibility to other stakeholders and the importance of maintaining harmony with the global environment, the DIC ANZ employees are committed to contributing to the realization of sustainable development through everyday activities:

  • We take responsibility for the environmental, safety and health implications of products throughout their life cycles.
  • We continuously set goals and targets for environmental, safety and health improvements.
  • We comply strictly with laws, regulations and agreements relative to the environment, safety and health.
  • We prioritize safety operations and protection of the environment.
  • We systematically provide education and training on the environment, safety and health.
  • We prepare systems and audit internally to benefit the environment, safety and health.

In alignment with above, DIC ANZ aims to work towards the DIC Vision 2030, implementing sustainability and reducing CO2 emissions. Below are some initiatives that DIC ANZ is working on:


This will maximize equipment efficiencies, reduce energy consumption, and minimize waste volumes, leading to a significant reduction in carbon emissions in the Oceania region. Australia has been working closely with the city council and the Environmental Protection Agency to restore the site to its natural state, with no residual decontamination risk for future generations. Following the completion of construction at Moorabbin, DIC is committed to regenerating the green areas with the planting of native plants and trees, preserving Australia’s unique flora and fauna for years to come.


DIC Australia Pty Ltd

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DIC New Zealand Limited

Address:  313 Church Street, Onehunga New Zealand 1061
Tel:  +64 9636 2930

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