SunColorBox: Achieving Excellence through Knowledge Transfer Sessions


Training is essential to ensure that team members are proficient in educating clients about the value of our products. With that, a comprehensive training event was held in Thailand & India – centered around SunColorBox, a set of tools and services offered by SunChemical, in Jul 2023.

These group gatherings brought together the technical teams from Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Malaysia, Australia, Pakistan, New Zealand, Sri Lanka and India, via blended training – held online and face-to-face.
This immersive program covered several aspects of SunColorBox, such as sales, customer training, support (CTS) and color matching.  Its core aim was to equip the sales and technical teams with a deep understanding and practical skills required to successfully introduce and integrate SunColorBox as part of our customer facing value-added services; To implement a digital workflow, with all its efficiencies, and enhance their business.
Mr. Felice Sciscioli, the Color Project Leader at Sun Chemical dedicated a week each to foster learning in Thailand and India. During this time, he expressed his deep appreciation for the opportunity to share invaluable insights regarding Digital Color Communication and the SunColorBox strategy. He found a receptive audience in DIC Thailand and India, where a thirst for knowledge and a desire for growth were palpable.
Graphic about Mr. Felice Sciscioli, Color Project Leader at SunChemical
Mr. Felice Sciscioli, Color Project Leader at SunChemical
“I was honored to provide training on Digital Color Communication and the SunColorBox strategy to colleagues from DIC Thailand and DIC India. I am always happy to share technical know-how on subjects that are key in the Graphic Arts Industry. It was my first time visiting both countries, and I was pleased by the warm welcome from everyone. I am glad to have met a group of people keen to learn something new and reinforce their knowledge on DIC and SunChemical’s products.” – Mr. Felice Sciscioli, Color Project Leader at SunChemical

Push for Ongoing Success through Elevating Skills & Knowledge 

Feedback from the training event has been overwhelmingly positive. Attendees expressed renewed enthusiasm as they gained valuable insights into the capabilities of SunColorBox. The following key learnings (below) have equipped the team with a stronger skill set and enhanced expertise – elevating their performance and contributing to heightened levels of customer satisfaction. 

Key Learnings & Highlights in Thailand 

Diligent team members in Thailand revealed a series of findings and takeaways:

  • Importance of Ink Film Correlation Process 
  • Color Assortment Building Procedures and Fine-Tuning Results 
  • Performing & Preparing a Customer Audit: Understanding Client Requirements and Scope of the Project to Tailor a Customized Product Package  
  • SunColorBox Capabilities to Educate New Team Members with Color-Matching Knowledge  
SunColorBox Training Thailand
Key Learnings & Highlights in Thailand 

SunColorBox Training in India - Practical Training
Practical Training

From Theory to Practice & Moving Forward 

The trainer’s commitment to providing ongoing support ensures that the sales team’s newfound expertise translates into practical results. Follow-up meetings and check-ins are poised to solidify the training’s impact, fostering an environment of continuous growth and excellence. 

This training expands to a wide network of SunColorBox Specialists and power users in Asia Pacific – totaling over 500 Globally. 

David Robins and Michael Schnabel, Color Management Project Leaders in charge of Asia Pacific, coordinated the event and express their gratitude to the following parties: Mr. Masamichi Sota and Mr. Yoshinori Katayama for their support in sponsoring the event along with all the country managers; Mr. Felice Sciscioli for his time and the enthusiasm he brought to the team and training platform; Local HR teams for the effective communication and coordination. These collective efforts contributed to the success of the event, taking DIC APAC to the forefront as market leaders in Digital Color Management.

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