Powerful in Black: PT DIC Astra Chemicals Launches Cutting-Edge Black Masterbatch Production Line


In the world of colors, black is more than just the absence of light; it represents the absorption of all wavelengths in the visible spectrum. PT DIC Astra Chemicals proudly presents its powerful and elegant black-colored Masterbatch, marking a significant milestone in its manufacturing capabilities.

Black Masterbatch Product

On July 7th, 2023, PT DIC Astra Chemicals hosted a grand ceremony to celebrate the commencement of their Black Masterbatch Project. The event was graced by esteemed guests, including the Board of Directors, Managers, and Employee Representatives of PT DIC Astra Chemicals, the Director of DIC Compound Malaysia, and members of the Black Masterbatch Project team from both PT DIC Astra Chemicals and DIC Compound Malaysia. PT AIKO Negara Daha also played a vital role as the contractor for this endeavor.

Photo of DIC Astra Chemicals Ribbon Cutting to Introduce Black Masterbatch Project
DIC Astra Chemicals Ribbon Cutting for Black Masterbatch Project

In a moment symbolizing a fresh start for the Black Masterbatch Business, Mr. Toshihiko Kiyama, President Director of PT DIC Astra Chemicals, Mr. Koji Endo, Factory Director, and Mr. Baron Tanaka, Financial and Administration Director, unitedly conducted the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

The newly installed production line finds its home in Factory 2 of PT DIC Astra Chemicals, located in the Pulogadung Industrial Estate, Jakarta, Indonesia. The factory expansion paved the way for this state-of-the-art facility, poised to redefine the production of Black Masterbatch.

As a gesture of unity and identity with the project, PT DIC Astra Chemicals introduced a new uniform — a sleek black polo shirt designated for Friday wear.

Beyond meeting local demand, this project holds ambitions to bolster PT DIC Astra Chemicals’ export business and expand its impressive portfolio. Black, known for its versatility, is set to complement various products, inspiring confidence that it will elevate the company’s performance from 2023 and beyond. Here’s to a bright future! Cheers!

Team Photo of DIC Astra Chemicals for the Astra Chemicals Project
DIC Astra Chemicals Team

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