Graphic shows a sample use for Barrier Coatings with Sunbar

SunBar (Aerobloc) oxygen barrier coatings offer robust protection against moisture, oxygen, CO2, UV light, odor, and migration. Engineered to optimize efficiency by increasing impressions per roll, these coatings significantly enhance shelf life and product quality.


DICDRY LX405A/SI75 has excellent initial bond strength, fast curing reaction system, good wettability and good bond strength with Al-, Silica and alumina metallized films.


Reinforcing the barrier properties of metallized films You can expect to keep food fresh


Improves production efficiency by compensating for the weaknesses of non-solvent adhesives

Web Offset Coldset Inks

Web Offset Coldset inks are high-strength, faster setting ink, and very stable on press over longer print runs

SunLit Diamond

SunLit Diamond inks are an environmentally-friendly vegetable oil based series that is mineral oil free


DAICURE CLB1 (ID) has fast UV curing for high speed printing, tough cured ink film against scratching and rubbing, greatly improved adhesiveness to a wide range of substrates

Syner-G HP

Syner-G HP has excellent printing quality with strong density, dot sharpness, brighter color shade and high gloss

SunDuo Comet

SunDuo Comet inks has been formulated to achieve an optimum transference and therefore obtain a smooth printed ink film