Gravure Reverse Polyurethane Inks Covering A Wide Range of Films for General Applications.

EVOLEN Ink technology focused on the general packaging market requirements as the major applications in the Asian region, e.g., Snack, Frozen food, liquid pouches.
An economical offering to meet the commercial demands of the market while maintaining printability performance and good lamination bonding strength. Not suitable for retort applications.

MEK and toluene-free versions are available to satisfy global brand owners’ requirements and specific country regulatory considerations of safety. For further information, consult with your local DIC representative.


Graphic shows a sample use for Barrier Coatings with Sunbar


SunBar (Aerobloc) oxygen barrier coatings offer robust protection against moisture, oxygen, CO2, UV light, odor,

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DICDRY LX405A/SI75 has excellent initial bond strength, fast curing reaction system, good wettability and good

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Reinforcing the barrier properties of metallized films You can expect to keep food fresh

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