Gravure Reverse Polyurethane Inks Suitable for Wide Range of Films and Applications Accredited to Global Standards as Environmentally Friendly.

FINART is a multi-purpose Gravure ink technology covering everything from general packages to high-performance fields such as retort packages.

The most significant feature is that it does not use harmful solvents such as toluene and MEK, which are known to affect the human body without compromising printing performance.
Improving the working environment and the industry use of harmful aggressive solvents meets the demands of regulated advanced countries such as Europe and Japan, highly valued by many customers and brands at the forefront of packing. In addition, the required performance for flexible packaging can be satisfied, and applications can be completed over a wide range. Productivity gains can be expected by unifying to one single ink technology.

FINART BM as biomass ink and compostable ink series is our latest technology offering. Established position as one of the few Gravure inks available that can contribute to the development of sustainable packages.


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