GPL – General Purpose Solventbased Inks (UNOLAM)

GPL inks are modified nitrocellulose technology designed to provide Flexo and Gravure printers with a general-purpose surface printing & reverse printing lamination system.

The inks exhibit excellent printability and are suitable for a wide range of film types. In addition, GPL inks have been specifically formulated to provide low retained solvent levels, which makes them particularly well suited to snack food and confectionary lamination packaging. GPL inks are also available as a specially formulated Flexo process set.

GPL inks are suitable for surface and reverse printing a number of packaging films such as treated or coated OPP, treated or coated PET, coated Cello, treated Nylon etc.

Good printability and tonal reproduction at higher printing speeds. Good bonds using a wide range of solvent-free or dry bond laminating adhesives. Low solvent retention and low odor. Suitable for cold seal packaging when used in conjunction with a Cold Seal Release Lacquers. Suitable for surface print, heat-resistant packaging when used in conjunction with a suitable heat resistant overprint varnish. GPL printed films may be laminated with solventbased, waterbased and solvent-free adhesives. The actual bond strength in the printed area depends on the substrate, ink color, adhesive type and adhesive coating weight.


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