Water and Oil Resistance Outside Application Functional Coatings for Paper and Carton Board Packaging

HYDBAR coatings are manufactured in Japan to meet the high-performance application requirements. These exterior coatings are water-based coatings, an eco-friendly option for sustainable packaging.

The Coating will protect the paper’s surface and improve paper and carton board substrates’ water resistance and oil resistance.
As well as water resistance, it can be expected to improve the water vapor barrier, so it is possible to enhance the overall packaging design and construction as a sustainable development depending on the end-use requirements.

Application is either printing inks transfer of Flexography or Gravure printing or paper mill coating (rod, air blade).

HYDBAR is not suitable for direct food contact applications and is based on aqueous technology.

Benefits & Features 

  • Superior water resistant, with moisture-proof effect 
  • Good scratch resistance 
  • Water-Based Coating which is environmentally friendly 

Usage and Applications 

Picture showcasing HYDBAR in action.

Find out more information via the video here:

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