Problems solved by PASLIM® (solvent type/solvent-free type)

Reinforcing the barrier properties of metallized films You can expect to keep food fresh

Reduces oxygen permeability of current metallized packages

PASLIM®’s barrier reinforcement effect makes it possible to improve the oxygen barrier properties of packages that use evaporated films.


Prevents deterioration of oxygen barrier properties of current metallized packages

PASLIM® suppresses deterioration of oxygen barrier properties due to scratches, cracks, pinholes, etc. in metallized films.


Storage test example of packaging material using PASLIM®

After creating a pouch and enclosing food in it, we checked the degree of discoloration to see if the use of PASLIM® would improve thestorage stability of the contents. It suppresses the amount of oxygen that enters from the outside and prevents quality deterioration due to oxidation of food.


Other expected effects of PASLIM®

Compared to general adhesives, the amount of solvent used can be reduced, reducing the burden on the environment.


Maintains barrier performance even when the film material is unified

Packages can be made from a single material without compromising barrier properties.


PASLIM® maintains aroma retention.

We created a package and evaluated its aroma retention. Good results were obtained compared to general adhesives.


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