SolarFlex® Integra Inks are a Versatile Range of High-Performance UV Flexo Inks Designed for Printing Labels, Tags, Sleeves, Tickets and Other Applications Found in the Narrow Web Market

SolarFlex inks for printing over a variety of substrates on paper, board and film. With Outstanding dot reproduction with the ability to run at high-speed with excellent stability. This UV Flexo series can work in conjuction with water-based, solvent inks and Offset, Flexo and Gravure printing application technologies.

Product Features; Low viscosity and good flow, optimised for reliable and consistent press performance. low odour, low foaming, adhesion characteristics to suit a wider range of plastic substrates. High hold-out for highest gloss and cure even on the most absorbent papers, fast curing for higher press speeds. Silicone-free formulation for excellent trapping, easier lamination and post-print finishing.


Graphic shows a sample use for Barrier Coatings with Sunbar


SunBar (Aerobloc) oxygen barrier coatings offer robust protection against moisture, oxygen, CO2, UV light, odor,

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DICDRY LX405A/SI75 has excellent initial bond strength, fast curing reaction system, good wettability and good

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Reinforcing the barrier properties of metallized films You can expect to keep food fresh

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