Enhance Shelf Life with Eco-friendly Packaging – with Sunbar

When exploring options for eco-friendly packaging, it is worth considering the utilization of a monomaterial design. Sunbar, a solution that integrates oxygen barrier properties into a monomaterial structure, aims to minimize food loss during the printing process. By incorporating an oxygen barrier function, Sunbar not only enhances product preservation but also contributes to reducing environmental impact.

Benefits & Features

  • Lightweight & Water-resistant
  • Recyclable – it can be used in mono-material or mono-web structures suitable for recycling
  • Chlorine-Free – does not contain chlorine-based chemicals
  • Transparent & Durable

When envisioning your next-generation package design, Sunbar emerges as a compelling choice to promote sustainability and optimize packaging efficiency.

For example, this product enables the creation of mono-material packaging designs with enhanced functionality.

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