SunTrio Daimetal Ink

SunTrio Daimetal Metallic Ink is a Conventional Ink Range that Dries via an Oxidation Process in a Conventional Thermal Oven and It has been Developed for the 3-piece Cans

SunTrio Daimetal Series offers the printers a wide range of colours to use in external decoration of cans, cloures and other jobs. Daimetal inks are not sutable for direct food contact materials.

SunTrio Daimetal Series have been developed following the formulation criteria in the latest version of Nestle Guidance for Packaging Inks. The raw materials included in their composition have been chosen from the Annexes 1 and 6 of the Swiss Packaging Inks Ordiance SR 817.023.21.


Graphic shows a sample use for Barrier Coatings with Sunbar


SunBar (Aerobloc) oxygen barrier coatings offer robust protection against moisture, oxygen, CO2, UV light, odor,

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DICDRY LX405A/SI75 has excellent initial bond strength, fast curing reaction system, good wettability and good

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Reinforcing the barrier properties of metallized films You can expect to keep food fresh

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