PT Pardic Jaya Chemicals: Renew and Expand Productivity with the New Reactor RE-5301 Inauguration


PT Pardic Jaya Chemicals (PJC), together with Siam Chemical Industry (SCI), created ACRYDIC, one of the DIC Coating resin products designed for various coating applications. To meet the growing market demand, particularly for ACRYDIC, PJC underwent a significant expansion of its production capabilities. This expansion involved the incorporation of a state-of-the-art reactor, designated as RE-5301, as an integral component of their Low Temperature Plant.

To commemorate this achievement, PT Pardic Jaya Chemicals conducted a ceremonial inauguration on August 16, 2023, which was attended by all board directors and employees. As a sign of RE-5301’s birth, Mr. Minoru Hara, Mr. Fuminao Hirose, and Mr. Irwan Hermawan symbolized it by cutting the commemoration ribbon and sounding the siren from the reactor. At the inauguration, Mr. Minoru Hara and Mr. Fuminao Hirose gave speeches to all employees.

“The renewal of RE 5301 reminds us about PJC’s long history; after almost 50 years of operation, we are able to expand and improve our infrastructure to support ongoing business requirements. I would like to extend my gratitude and thanks to PT Seamec Indonesia, our partner and vendor for this project, and also to the PJC team, who have been fully supporting us in the process. We are certain that RE-5301 will support our business needs for a long time.” – Mr. Minoru Hara, President Director of PT Pardic Jaya Chemicals.

He added that, “Our great history must be repeated; The current achievement is the result of almost 50 years of hard work, effort and dedication by PJC’s members.”

Mr. Fuminao Hirose, Production General Manager and Lead of the RE-5301 Project, also shared his hopes for RE-5301 to be operated optimally and for the PJC team to achieve the set targets. 

PJC Team Photo Celebration on Inauguration RE-5301

After the ceremony at the Genba is conducted, we move to the meeting room to enjoy our “Nasi Tumpeng” (Indonesian Traditional Food) meal. It acts as a symbol of our gratitude and hopefulness. Mr. Minoru Hara and Mr. Fuminao Hirose started the ceremony by cutting the Nasi Tumpeng and giving the meals to each other.

Mr. Minoru Hara and Mr. Fuminao with Nasi Tumpeng
Mr. Minoru Hara and Mr. Fuminao with Nasi Tumpeng

What’s Next?

After a legacy of almost 50 years, Pardic Jaya Chemicals continues to expand and enhance its infrastructure to meet evolving business demands. The inauguration of the new reactor RE-5301 marks a significant milestone in their journey – in which the team at Pardic Jaya Chemicals foresees a promising future.

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